Our past recipients share what it has meant a lot to them and their families to receive assistance
from the SeedReaps Educational Charitable Trust.

(Name not Mentioned)

I was born in a deprived family where my father was an illegal liquor dealer. I very well knew that education would always be a luxury for a boy like me though I often dreamt about going to school. At that time a kind hearted volunteer of SeedReaps identified me and provoked essentials measures through SeedReaps.

I was enrolled into SeedReaps educational programme and underwent proper schooling and graduation study. Now I’m placed with a job and I’m earning my livelihood with dignity.

I’ve toiled hard to learn English, computer skills, personality development etc. But a volunteer educational institute under SeedReaps that provided me skill enhancement training- made them easy for me to endure with skills, value and integrity. The faculty at the centre also worked diligently on my personality to groom me into a presentable young man.

I thank SeedReeps for setting me as an example reciprocating to their efforts in transforming lives of needy victims/students and youth; and thus playing a role in nation building!

A Blessing

I’m a rape victim, disastered by my own family member, leaving myself and my siblings helpless. I had to work in petty shops in return of food and shelter. At that time I was identified and sponsored by SeedReaps to attain education; they gave me hope and a rebirth of life with confidence to face the world. Now I’ve been graduated and I earn for my living, taking care of my siblings, helping them to study and as well as I’m preparing for civil service examinations. And now I’m an active donor of SeedReaps helping many affected victims like me.

            “Dear Seedreap Trustees, and all the people who have made it possible for me to study and live out my dreams. I am incredibly grateful.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you – I don’t mind public speaking. Inspiring social victims like me and to breathe as a channel of motivation is my grateful motive. Thanks again I will work hard and keep up my recovery and service work”.

Right help in need at right time isn’t vain

Just the other day I was thinking about my school days and how I would not have been able to make that work without the support of the SeedReaps programme. I secured good marks in my final year of high school but that was all in vain, because my parents couldn’t afford me for Higher Secondary education.

SeedReaps recognized and funded me under recommendations of hailing from an underprivileged background. Everything that has happened since, has been because of the efforts that Naresh sir showered on me, such that it really has been a life-changing gift that the SeedReaps gave me through him.

The motivation and inspiration from him was the boost I needed to get going of various crises that I faced in my life. Thank you very much sir, I am very grateful to SeedReaps.”

Inspirational Work

I lost my parents when I was young, my grandfather who worked as a watchman in an apartment brought me up among his hardships and trials. One of the SeedReaps volunteer residing in that apartment introduced me to Seedreaps Educational and Charitable Trust, who absorbed me under their funded victims and studentship programme.

I am enormously grateful and I thought it was so lucky to have SeedReaps available to people who are in difficult circumstances like me…..

I Dreamt, I Desired and SeedReaps made me achieve