Rape Victims – child who undergoes sexual assault and who can’t get rid from that.

Molested children who has undergone terrible attack for which they were not accountable. They are insist by someone to do something which are unwanted to them.

There are many causes for sexual abuse, those are

  • Anger
  • Power
  • Sadism
  • Sexual pleasure
  • Attitude toward the victims

The basic vision of the organisation is to bring the victims back to society with more respect and responsibility. The organisation provides an environment where the children are exposed to normal society. Students are selected based on merit and provided funds for their education including hostel, clothing and food expenses. Additionally, psychological counselling is provided by volunteers from the Indian Medical Association, who are psychiatrists, paediatricians, or gynecologists.

Once children are molested they are forcing themselves to do the same business due to their feelings like helplessness, shame, defectiveness, and self-blame.

We rescue those children and give them proper counseling to recover from that unpleasant situation.

Steps we follow to rescue:

The members of the victim’s family, at work, at school or neighborhood or whichever social circle are shared by perpetrator and victim- will feel forced to take sides. Unfortunately, most will either take sides with the perpetrator or will remain silent in defense of the victim. This phenomenon is so common in rape cases, and so devastating to the victim, that in the literature on rape it’s given the name, “the second rape”.

We scrutinize such deserving needy students and fund them under SeedReaps providing them with the following essentials.

  • Identify and prioritize the needy’s / victim’s psychological problems like fear, anxiety, nervousness, self-blame, anger, shame, dangers, and provide their needs.
  • Give Effective Referrals and educate them on how to communicate effectively with society.
  • Help victims to brainstorm and build effective support.

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