“As you sow so shall you reap”
“sometimes the reap beyond your imagination”

Seedreaps was formed with the main objective of educating and empowering the social victims and deserving child who are facing difficult to lead their life in this society.

SeedReaps, reap what you seed- this directed the logo design that pertains the symbol of a hand, showing a small seed that symbolizes that all our giant leaps start off with small steps- tiny funds. Every product/fruit/victim’s/student’s future dream has a hesitant step in the initial years- that metamorphose and branches into confident strides with fruitful education that is ever dreamt off.

Seedreaps team currently consists of numerous team members. We are also lucky to have support from many amazing volunteers.

Retired civil servants:

We have the great retired civil servants who contribute their countless efforts for seedreaps. Civil servants who are accorded to seedreaps are,


Different types of medical specialist who are contributing their expertise to make a good victim.
• Physiatrist
• Gynecologist
• Pediatricians
• Trauma surgeons like Ortho and plastic surgeons (For burns acid and physical abused victims)

we have also the great professionals who contribute with us like,
• Lawyers
• Teachers
• Counselors
• Self defense professionals
• Tutors
• Psychologist


Partners who are all putting their effective work for the children who and all found by seedreaps.

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Banks
  • Accommodation partners