On a general meet Mr.Naresh Kathik’s cafe table was attended by a 17yrs young girl. On empathy he enquired concerning her. He came to know that she was totally unaided by her parents. Her father was running a petty mutton stall and her mother eloped with an illegal relationship when she was still a kinder kid.

               Their family couldn’t find any traces of her mother. But later her father decided and entered into second marriage.

This girl started experiencing terrible adversity and misfortune from that time. Near their mutton cubicle, her step-mother lodged her in a separate rental room.

Her father couldn’t meet the expenses of her higher education, so she was withdrew from school and sent as labourer to this cafe. These episodes flocked her into deep depression, dejection, despondency and despair, added her step-sister was sent to school recurrently.

Her next words drove him into deep jolt.

Her father received ₹60,000/- from a 33year old man and promised to marry this girl to him in next few months. Hearing this, immediately Mr.Naresh reported the same to then  Coimbatore city police commissioner. Commissioner warned their parents and made essential counselling.

To set an end to this, Mr.Naresh organized a admission for this girl in an arts college through his known contacts. While thinking about the fees for her courses, then city Police commissioner-he himself donated a part amount for the girl. This influenced and encouraged  other distinct departments like cyber crime, crime, law & order generated and provided funds for her books, clothes, hostel and even the educational trips that may have to attend during her course like other students, respectively.

After everything was over Mr.Naresh was totally into peace. He sent a text message to the then City Police commissioner stating that it wasn’t possible without him and thanked him for the efforts and guidance he provided to set the young girl’s life at a perfect phase.

He was reverted back stating Naresh, of course you did a great job,but  how you’re satisfied with just one? There are thousands of helpless, only few are exposed to this world by media and other sources. This is not enough and it’s not the end. I expected a lot from you! Just feeding one student’s necessity will not put our country into its growing phase.

On further discussion….

….hearing the narration of few other 10 victims, Mr.Naresh was moved to a desperate realm that seeded him a long term perseverance to help the real deserving needy, social victims, transgender etc.

Intermittently he was inflamed seeing a poor boy struggling for his dreams to succeed. All his aspire was to enter the police force to create a huge positive impact in the society. But it was unfortunately sterned by his mother-a prostitute and father-an illegal liquor dealer. His eyes were tired looking for a helping hand to make his dream to pass.

Likewise he met a rape victim, disastered by her own father- who was addicted to Alcoholism. Soon her father suicide out of shame and this consequenced her mom insane, leaving her and her siblings helpless. So she worked in petty shops in return of food and shelter. Completely her education and dreams got abrupted.

Then he came across a victim who was gang raped by her own friend and his fellow friends. Knowing the issue the girl was discontinued from her education. Her family was utterly helpless and feeble. And this young girl was totally depressed concerning her future.

Thus many cases pooled together- his divine motive got emphasised to encourage and support poor students and social victims who desires to get educated and make him/her/transgender competent to face the world to hurdle the struggles and set them into a position to help others.

Just in a short period of time, he came across 10 totally catastrophe victims,
 there are thousands of such heartbreaking cases still existing!

Initially these deserving victims were funded by Mr.Naresh, few of his friends, official partners and family members. But that was not sufficient and satisfying.

Legally to absorb such victims and students into educational funding,
Thus he initiated an Educational & Charitable Trust named SEEDREAPS– with a soul vision to provide educational support to the social victims and needy deserving students.
“ what you sow, the sow you reap – – – sometimes it reaps beyond your imagine !!!”

Accompanying this, he generated a core concept “educate to educate”, meaning:

  • On one perspective to educate the society -to create awareness among the general public to make them realise that “it’s their duty and a value of humanity to help such people in need of education” -that inturn paves way for our countries development.
  • Secondly, educating a needy victim/student NOW, will encourage,motivate, educate and nurture them to fund, help and educate atleast four other needy people when they hold an office in FUTURE.

Thus bilaterally helping people in desperate situations will result in
Reviving their dreams of education easily.

A small seed nurtures to yield hundreds of fruits and nuts,
Nurturing an ‘intellectual resource’ filled needy
can ever become productive -nurturing atleast 4 other deserving needy!
They inturn nurture a minimum of 40 and so on.

Seedreaps has nurtured few hundreds till now, this is not just enough!
This inturn should nurture many thousands.
Ultimately! play a vital role in the constructive part of our developing nation making this world a better, peace filled and ignorant eradicated place to live in.
Not just identifying and helping such victims and students is our soul objective,
but to COMPLETELY exterminate, obliterate, annihilate and remove the roots of
poverty, victimism and ill-literacy out of our society.


History of seedreaps:

Seedreaps is an educational and charitable trust was formed in 2011, it is Coimbatore based trust has helped 1,153 young victims of sexual abuse, rape or domestic violence in the last eight years. Seedreaps has been receiving multiple phone calls from victims. Run by Naresh and Ajay Naveen, the organization aims to educate and empower the social victims of rape, abuse, and domestic violence. It is city-based NGO that works towards rescuing, rehabilitating and educating child victims of crimes, helping them to back to their main streams. Over the last seven years, Seedreaps has grown across the country and now has 1,153 beneficiaries. Its intervention involves conducting programs to help victims of abuse lead a normal life, despite the scars the abuse has inflicted on them.

We conduct after-school extracurricular activities, which include personality development and communication. We help them find government jobs. Seedreaps arranges for these children to meet doctors, police officers, and other officials and observe their work. Most of them are attracted to these professions and are motivated to work harder to achieve their dreams. The team at Seedreaps consists of retired officers from Public Service Departments. Seedreaps conducts awareness programs at schools and corporates once in a few months.

“We cannot do great things on this earth but only small things with great love”

Join your hand with us for a better life and a beautiful future.

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