In 2011, Mr.Naresh Karthik.S formed SeedReaps Educational & Charitable Trust along with his friends, to provide educational support to a variety of Social Victims and genuine deserving needy.

He is a man with a vision wanting to do his best to humanity through his services and believes that “Insentient funding and efforts can yield incredible changes”.

Through SeedReaps he provides high credible, creative, empathetic and powerful bridges that each human can create- strengthening the grass-root relationships among deprived victims/students who desire to get educated. He has been complimented many times by the inspecting authorities for his excellent managerial skills.

As a donor-driven vehicle that drove philanthropic funds raised into a range of NGO’s and charities across the region, he was responsible for fundraising activities. He was responsible and a coordinator for an activity that then morphed into the rebuilding and rehabilitation of a number of villages in conjunction with the Citizen’s Foundation (TCF and also offers access to education and medical care for young girls. Future plans include the provision of care and rehabilitation for abandoned/orphaned girls by setting up homes and day care centers.

“SeedReaps Educational & Charitable Trust has been instrumental in bridging understanding between donor organizations and philanthropists the country. These will have a transformative impact by bringing best-in-class thinking and intervention methods to bear on the pressing social needs in the country and delivering value exactly where it is needed, to the marginalized segments of society”.

“As the Founder of SeedReaps, I feel particularly energized by the difference that each one of us can make in strengthening grass-roots relationships between those who need help and those who are best placed to provide it. SeedReaps Educational & Charitable Trust provides a highly credible, creative, empathetic and powerful such bridge.” “And I believe in- ‘What you sow; the sow you reap: but sometimes What you sow reaps much more than what you could imagine!!!. So, Be the change you wish to see in this world !!!’


Mr.Ajay Naveen.K, the co-founder is also actively involved in the promotion of a multitude of social causes. He continues to be the guiding force in all the ventures of the Trust. Along with the founder, he assists, guides, channelizes, monitors and motivates the Trust with his astounding and Managerial Acumen.  Every step he takes proves him as an able and born administrator in the management of academic affairs among his cluster of educational participation.

SeedReaps pertains professionals from various fields who meet periodically to decide future plans and enhancement programs. And it is completely run by patrons with more dedicated volunteers supporting them.

Join your hand with us for a better life and a beautiful future.

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