Our latest provocation to our activism erupted for

SOCIAL VICTIMS under economically helplessness category
Who has undergone terrible disasters for which they were not accountable
Who has come to feel helpless and passive in the face of misfortune and ill-treatment
Victims of rape, domestic violence, child abuse
Prisoner’s children who are desperate to get educated and attain a respectable responsible position in the society
Students who face financial crises and in turn forced to work for their living etc.
The members of the victim’s family, at work, at school or neighborhood or whichever social circle are shared by perpetrator and victim- will feel forced to take sides. Unfortunately, most will either take sides with the perpetrator or will remain silent in defense of the victim. This phenomenon is so common in rape cases, and so devastating to the victim, that in the literature on rape it’s given the name, “the second rape”.

We scrutinize such deserving needy students and fund them under SeedReaps providing them with the following essentials.

Identify and prioritize the needy’s / victim’s psychological problems like fear, anxiety, nervousness, self-blame, anger, shame, dangers, and provide their needs.
Give Effective Referrals and educate them on how to communicate effectively with society.
Help victims to brainstorm and build effective support.
Those students whose parents typically work as housemaids, vendors, painters, tailors are from the lower-income group. In most cases, it is a single income family consisting of 4 to 5 children with the parents struggling to educate at least one or two of them. While most children are first generation literates, it is apparent that the parents have neither the time nor the awareness to attend to their children.

Most of the time whenever there are financial crises in the family the children are pulled out of school to do proxy work for their parents. This is worse for the girl child whose education stops abruptly when she attains puberty. Moreover, the parents are unable to afford the fee hikes that take place when the children move to higher classes and thus the children are withdrawn from school. In such cases, SeedReaps steps in to ensure that the child’s education is guaranteed.


Founded victims are undergone for some verification process after that only he/she can get help from seedreaps.

The reason behind for this verification is no one can abuse our effort.

After the verification victim will go for trauma counselling.

Then they will be more motivated and send them to school or colleges, according to their wish.

One ultimate thing is “We bring them back to the society with more respect and more responsibility to make them to serve back to the society”