“As you sow so shall you reap”

“sometimes the reap beyond your imagination”

Seedreaps was formed with the main objective of educating and empowering the social victims and deserving child who are facing difficult to lead their life in this society.

SeedReaps, reap what you seed- this directed the logo design that pertains the symbol of a hand, showing a small seed that symbolizes that all our giant leaps start off with small steps- tiny funds. Every product/fruit/victim’s/student’s future dream has a hesitant step in the initial years- that metamorphose and branches into confident strides with fruitful education that is ever dreamt off.

History of seedreaps:

Seedreaps is an educational and charitable trust was formed in 2011, it is Coimbatore based trust has helped 1,153 young victims of sexual abuse, rape or domestic violence in last eight years. Seedreaps has been receives multiple phone calls from victims.Run by Naresh and Ajay Naveen, the organization aims to educate and empower the social victims of rape, abuse and domestic violence. It is city based NGO that works towards rescuing, rehabilitating and educating child victims of crimes, helping them to back to their main streams. Over the last seven years, Seedreaps has grown across the country and now has 1068 beneficiaries. Its intervention involves conducting programmes to help victims of abuse lead a normal life, despite the scars the abuse has inflicted on them.

We conduct after-school extracurricular activities, which include personality development and communication. We help them find government jobs. Seedreaps arranges for these children to meet doctors, police officers and other officials and observe their work. Most of them are attracted to these professions and are motivated to work harder to achieve their dreams. The team at Seedreaps consists of retired officers from Public Service Departments. Seedreaps conducts awareness programmes at schools and corporates once in a few months.

“We cannot do great things on this earth but only small things with great love”

Join your hand with us for a better life and a beautiful future.

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