In most states parents have said that they “abandoned” their child after 2 years, they withholding contact and financial support with those children. In India, mostly Girl kids are abandoned by their parents. A child without parental care is one of the most painful things in life. Many kids dumped on a doorstep just because they are Girls.

Nowadays many children are abandoned because of the only reason that they are girl.  Cases of newborn children being abandoned, dead or alive, are pending in different stages across police stations and courts. Typically children are being abandoned for illogical reasons.

Child abandonment is when a parent leaves their child. There are many causes of child abandonment, including poverty or mental illness. In many countries, if children are abandoned, they become orphans and live in an orphanage. They are raised there until they reach 18.

In those cases, seedreaps gives the hand to rescue those children to make them good and respected person in the society.

Primary causes of child abandonment :

  • poverty or financial hardship,
  • being a single parent,
  • post-natal depression,
  • a lack of sexual health education,
  • poor knowledge regarding family planning,
  • restrictions regarding access to abortion,
  • the child having some form of disability,
  • pregnancy as a result of rape,
  • abuse or force by partner,
  • a lack of services and resources to support parents who have  children with disabilities.

Seedreap’s solution:

We scrutinize such deserving needy students and fund them under SeedReaps providing them with the following essentials.

  • Identify and prioritize the needy’s / victim’s psychological problems like fear, anxiety, nervousness, self-blame, anger, shame, dangers, and provide their needs.
  • Give Effective Referrals and educate them how to communicate effectively with the society.
  • Help victims to brainstorm and build an effective support.

Join your hand with us for a better life and a beautiful future.

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